Monday, February 16, 2009

Swedish BioDME project member forms US subsidiary

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: On February 10, 2009 the Swedish company, Chemrec AB issued a press release stating that they were forming an American subsidiary, Chemrec USA Inc. The company will be registered in Delaware for the purpose of doing “business in those states where biorefinery and booster projects are being developed.”

Chemrec’s main business in Sweden is providing technology for black liquor gasification in pulp mills, which enables them to produce large quantities of electricity or renewable fuels like DME from biomass. According to Chemrec, their technology has the potential to produce more than 45 billion liters of alternative fuel per year, worldwide.

Chemrec is perhaps best known in the DME world for its participation in the BioDME project as builders of the world’s first BioDME advanced biofuels plant in Piteå, Sweden. By spring 2010, Chemrec intends to deliver 4-5 tons of BioDME daily for powering 14 Volvo-designed DME trucks serviced by four service stations built by Breem. Volvo is the lead partner in this innovative project that demonstrates the entire chain from biomass to trucks running on DME.

In December 2008, Chemrec and ETC (Energy Technology Centre) received the Environmental Prize 2008 from the Swedish National Road Administration. Chemrec’s owners are: VantagePoint Venture Partners, Volvo Technology Transfer, Environmental Technologies Fund and Nykomb Synergetics. For more information on Chemrec, please visit

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