Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helijet joins Pacific Carbon Trust and goes carbon-neutral

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: Being based in British Columbia, Canada, we at Blue Fuel Energy take particular pride in sharing local news that we feel has a global impact for the environment. This is just such a story.

The Climate Action Plan was initiated by the Government of British Columbia in 2007. This plan lays out a framework that will help the province achieve 73% of its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33% by 2020.

Pacific Carbon Trust was subsequently created as a Crown corporation in 2008 by the Government of British Columbia as a part of the Climate Action Plan. The goal of Pacific Carbon Trust is to facilitate the provision of carbon offsets to help the public sector attain its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2010 and to aid British Columbia companies in meeting their carbon reduction goals.

Helijet International Inc. is North America's largest scheduled helicopter service and they have become the first private-sector customer of Pacific Carbon Trust. They will pay $1.37 to the trust for every passenger ticket sold. In this way they will offset 4000 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases for a total cost of approximately $100,000 annually, based on the trust's price of $25 per tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent removed or reduced from the atmosphere. For more details, visit:

We congratulate Helijet for making this bold step. And we thank the Government of British Columbia for having the foresight to set up Pacific Carbon Trust. For not only does the trust allow companies like Helijet to go carbon-neutral, it will use the funds it receives from companies like Helijet to help finance projects in British Columbia that produce renewable energy, that conserve energy and that capture or store carbon from the atmosphere, according to the B.C. Minister of the Environment Barry Penner.

And of course we see an opportunity for companies like Blue Fuel Energy and other renewable energy companies in British Columbia to provide the carbon offsets that companies like Helijet will be purchasing to help propel British Columbia into a global leadership role in the offset industry.

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