Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alternative Fuel Technology Inc. making DME headlines

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: Alternative Fuel Technology, Inc. (AFTC), a research, development, and manufacturing organization for advanced fuel systems using DME and based in Detroit, Michigan, has been making DME headlines recently.

As reported in Marketwire recently, AFTC has completed submission of its advanced propulsion solution for the US Navy. According to the article, "The US NAVY is in need of an alternative to current diesel fuel propulsion systems; one that allows for increased payloads without sacrificing speed and acceleration. More specifically, an innovative solution that decreases 'weight to power ratios' significantly, thereby enabling increases in mission system payload weight and personnel transport capability."

To answer this need, "(AFTC) submitted its proposal on June 15, ahead of schedule, and expects an answer in the next 60 to 90 days. The project includes three phases. Phase one could generate a total $100,000; Phase two could exceed $1,000,000, and Phase three which includes the completion of a full prototype engine installed in a marine craft, would likely approach $20,000,000. The US NAVY defines only the scope of the work rather than the contract dollar amount."

CEO Jim McCandless reported that, "All of us here in management at AFTC feel really solid about the proposal we submitted. Our proposal is not only extremely competitive, but we believe our technological ingenuity and ability to provide the next generation of fuel solutions can satisfy the Navy objectives of hauling greater weight without putting our troops' lives at risk. Gaining this opportunity would be a win for the company, of course, but a project we would be elated to be a part of."

More recently, on July 8, WebWire reported that AFTC had "received a second order from the Korea Institute of Energy (KIER) for four more DME feed pumps. This order brings the total purchased by the KIER to 10.

"KIER is adopting AFTC DME technology as a gradual replacement for traditional diesel fuel to improve air quality and strengthen Korea’s energy security." Yahoo Science also picked up the story and added that, "KIER ... views DME as an economic means by which the country may improve air quality and gain increased energy security in the future. In addition, government officials realize the potentially massive economic benefits associated with widespread adoption of DME as a fuel source." The Korea Institute of Energy is a Government entity which focuses on advanced energy Research and Developments projects with the goal of mass implementation and Commercialization of efficient, clean energy alternatives.

Finally, on June 23 in a story on TradingMarkets.com and other sites, AFTC announced that, "after the signing of a contract in 2008 with Ford Motor Company to supply them with a DME fuel system for a single cylinder alternative fuels/emissions research project, the Company is on schedule to make delivery of the DME Fuel System in August of this year. AFTC is using a Ford Land Rover 4-cylinder diesel engine that will fire only on one cylinder. The Company is testing this system now and all tests currently are on track for shipping. If successful, Ford has stated that they will do a full engine and car demonstration."

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