Friday, August 21, 2009

Perspectives on methanol

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: Although DME can be manufactured directly from synthesis gas produced by the gasification of coal or biomass, or through natural gas reforming, world production today is primarily through the catalytic dehydration of methanol. Given that Blue Fuel Energy will produce methanol to produce Blue Fuel/DME, it is important to be informed about methanol because it too is an alternative fuel garnering considerable attention. It is certainly not lost upon Blue Fuel Energy that if demand for methanol were to escalate, being in a position to introduce a carbon-neutral version of it into the marketplace would have its advantages.

Methanol, of course, has its detractors and proponents. The monthly magazine Energy Tribune has recently presented articles from both camps in the methanol debate. To learn the views of detractor Geoffrey Styles, please read this July 16 piece; in response, the Methanol Institute has responded to Styles article in this July 29 article by John Lynn.

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