Monday, April 6, 2009

Chemrec appoints American CEO

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: As reported recently on MSNBC, The Swedish BioDME project member, Chemrec AB, has shown its commitment to the American market for DME by appointing as its CEO, Richard J. LeBlanc.

Chemrec recently made the news by forming an American subsidiary and, at first glance, it seemed that Mr. LeBlanc's appointment was as head of this newly formed American branch. Instead, although Mr. LeBlanc will be based primarily in Deerfield, Illinois, north of Chicago, he will be responsible for Chemrec's worldwide operations with a focus on building the company's North American and Asia-Pacific markets.

Mr. LeBlanc is 57 and was most recently a senior executive with Siemens AG, USA. According to Marketwire and Chemrec's own press release, "Mr. LeBlanc brings to Chemrec USA extensive general management experience growing high-tech companies, commercialization of innovative technologies and building world-class management teams. During his career with Siemens, he directed product development, manufacturing and distribution for the company's broad range of building control products for the North American, Asian-Pacific and Latin American markets. He holds an MBA from Northwestern University and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is a Professional Engineer in both Canada and the U.S. and holds LEED AP certification from the U.S. Green Building Council."

Chemrec also announced that Jonas Rudberg, long-standing leader of Chemrec, has been appointed chief operating officer. In the new organization Mr. Rudberg will focus his attention on overseeing the execution of feasibility studies, pre-project and implementation projects. He will also continue developing relations with European customers and other stakeholders.

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  1. Chemrec is clearly emerging as a world leader in the field of BioDME. Jonas Rudberg has demonstrated his ability to build and lead a major idustrial organization that can help immensely in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    In the last 2 years Chemrec has secured major investments/partners, demonstrated feasibility of the Chemrec gasification process,has become a major partner in the EU BioDME project and expanded operations into the United states. Chemrec's ability to attract top executive talent like Rick LeBlanc speaks volumes about their potential as a viable clean fuels producer.

    AFT will support Chemrec and other BioDME producers by ensuring that relaible and cost effective DME fuel systems are commercially available by late 2011.

    Jim McCandless, CEO
    Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc.