Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Japan's DME Promotion Center organizes Tokyo BioDME Study Session

BLUEFUELENERGY.COM: Japan's DME Promotion Center, located in Tokyo, has organized a BioDME Study Session for Friday, April 24th, 2009.

The session, which takes places at the Sapia Tower Building in Chiyoda, Tokyo, is perhaps best described as a mini-conference and is intended as an information session and forum for exchanging ideas about DME, in general, and BioDME, in particular. Attendance is by application only (see below for application procedures).

Three presentations highlight the session and both presenters have connections with the BioDME project - a collaborative venture between Swedish and EU interests. Speaking first will be Henrik Landälv, head of environmental projects of BioDME project member, Volvo Powertrain, who will outline the BioDME Project. In a later session, Mr. Landälv will also describe and discuss road tests performed by large-scale Volvo trucks powered by BioDME.

The second speaker is Mr. Ingvar Landälv, Vice President of Technology at Chemrec AB, who will describe the production of BioDME from the gasification of black liquor from pulp mills.

Besides speaking at and participating in this study session, the European visitors will also tour a Japanese DME plant, completed last year, which has an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons of DME.

The deadline for applications to attend the Study Session is April 21, 2009 and can be done by contacting the Japan DME Promotion Center by e-mail ( or by fax (+81-3-3834-2312).

The URL for the Japan DME Promotion Center is but please note the site is in Japanese only.

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